News Update: 97% of scientists confirm the climate has always changed and always will, sometimes faster and sometimes slower than today. Duh!

Protest at Al Gores breakfast in Melbourne Mon July 13th

We are inviting all those sceptical that CO2 causes dangerous Global warming to join with us in an Educational protest outside where Al Gore will have a breakfast with 1,000 invited guests starts. The breakfast starts at 7 am at the Docklands Peninsula (just opposite Docklands stadium) on Harbour esplanade. Those wishing to protest that either "Al Gore has got the facts wrong" or "Carbon trading will destroy our economy for no good reason" or "Gore should publicly debate the evidence of CO2 causing dangerous global warming" can assemble at 6.15 am at Southern Cross station at the southern end up stairs next to where it opens straight onto the Collins Street bridge.

You will see people in tshirts with CRAP - Carbon Really Aint Pollution and that will be us.

Myself, Steve Murphy and Anthony Cox will lead the event. At 6.20 am I will inform people of a bit of house keeping & our general plan of what we can chant and how we will engage politely with people. At 6.25 am we will walk to the Peninsula and set up as per our plan. At 7.05 pm most of Gores invited guest will be in the breakfast and we will have some speeches, songs, poems and media things happenning.

Depending on what other options we have, we will have a cuppa from about 8 am There is a slight chance another 10 minute protest option could arise at 9.30 when Al Gore is actually speaking but it is very slim chance at this stage. Bring a placard with a fun Gore or global warming comment on it.

For more details see our website or email Leon Ashby

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