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'Climategate' now surpasses 'Barack Obama' in Google search results!

First, Watts Up With That reported that the popular Google search term “global warming” had been passed by “Climategate” in the total number of search results. Next, GORE LIED reported that as the number of search results had continued to climb, “Climategate” had even passed former Vice President and man-made global warming huckster Al Gore in search results. Today, as the “Climategate” tsunami grows ever larger on the blogosphere, and the Internet in general, the Google search term “Climategate” has even left “Barack Obama” in its dust:



Is there anything search term even larger than “Barack Obama” that “Climategate” has to conquer? Yes, but I wouldn’t bet any money on it:


Meantime, Watts Up With That has found something fishy about a related matter with Climategate search.